Assessnment and Grading
 Why study at KCPS?

Kohinoor College of Paramedical Sciences believes in continuous assessment and evaluation of students in order to guide them for improvement through their journey in college. The students have to go through 2 sets of evaluations:

 College Assessment:

i. Theory papers- 70 marks
ii. Internal assessment - 30 marks

For the 30 internal marks per subject the college will do a continuous evaluation of students in the following manner:
1. Mid term Examination
2. Viva
3. Presentations
4. Assignments

Grade Percentage

Letter Grade Score Notional Correates Point Grade Class
A80% and above Excellent5Distinction
B70-79.9%Very Good 41st
C60-69.9%Good 32nd
D50-59.9%Average 2Pass
ELess than 50% Unsatisfactory1Fail